The Copper Tree

The Copper Tree Class

The Copper Tree Class is a series of books following the lives of a small group of children and the lives of those around them. The creators, Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley, have addressed critical topics and themes that affect small children, such as death, relationships with the elderly, adoption, child caregivers and bullying and gently interwoven those strands into accessible and charming picturebooks.

A book to help explain death to a child

Book cover of The Copper Tree by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

It can be difficult to explain the death of a loved one to a child. A book can provide the ideal opportunity for addressing and exploring issues which are associated with death and an accessible picture book like The Copper Tree can help.

The Copper Tree was chosen by as one of the ‘Top Ten Books for Children Dealing with Death and Grief’.


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Divorce is never easy and the damage done can last a lifetime. Often it is the children who are left to count the cost. Stuck in the middle or pushed to the margins. Whilst grown-ups score points and look to survive, children can be left to drift through the debris of their own lives, desperate […]

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Help a Hamster is one in a series of picture books by Hilary Robinson dealing with challenging issues for children – in this case, adoption. There was a surprise in store for the children of Copper Tree class when they returned to school after the holidays. Henry, the class hamster, had come back with four baby hamsters. A […]

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Help A Hamster

This is a very touching book about being adopted. When the class hamster has babies, Alfie Tate becomes involved in finding new homes from them. This is especially poignant because Alfie explains to the class that he was adopted when he was little. He shares his life story book, which has pictures of him when […]

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